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888 Poker review

888 Poker Is One Of My All Time Favorites

888 Poker, formerly known as Pacific Poker, has been one of the very best places to play poker online ever since online poker began. They recently updated the name to correspond with their massive online casino, 888, which has been the world's favorite online casino for many years now.

The best thing about 888 Poker is that they get most of their players from their casino, who come over for some extra action. These players are more gamblers than poker players, and while there are some good players that hang out at 888 Poker as well, to feed off of the big schools of fish, the good to bad player ratio is deliciously high.

If You're Looking To Improve Your Results, This Is The Place

I've played at every poker room worth playing at over the years and I've made more money at 888 Poker than any other site. While it is true that the game has really tightened up over the last few years, this makes selecting the softest sites even more important. At some poker sites, you're lucky to even beat the rake and that's if you are a very good player.

At 888 Poker, there still are plenty of players who don't have much of an idea of what they are doing, and this provides us with plenty of opportunities to rack up some real nice profits. If you aren't profitable yet, it only stands to reason that you will do better playing against weaker opponents.

My favorite game at 888 Poker is their exclusive Push or Fold variation, which is a 6 max game where players can only buy in for 5 big blinds. So while you don't have to push, in many hands all the money ends up going in, and a lot of players will get it in pretty lightly. The best thing is that you see players who would normally never consider playing the higher limits in there, so the quality of the competition at a given stake is remarkably bad, even at the $50/$100 NL stakes.

Get $8 Free And Double Your First Deposit At 888 Poker!

888 Poker is one of the very few poker sites that gives players free money even without making a deposit. They give you $8 right out of the gate just for registering with them. Then, when you make your first deposit with them, they will double it in free bonus money, up to a maximum of $400. You receive this free bonus money as you try out their site, and as you play, it gradually gets released into your account.

New players also get entered into a very nice $3500 first depositors freeroll, where the field is limited to first time depositors like yourself, so your chances of grabbing one of the nice cash prizes in this is much higher than in other freerolls.

888 Poker Also Has Great Rewards And Promotions

After you finish collecting your welcome bonus and double up your first deposit in free cash, the rewards don't stop there. In order to continue to keep you happy and wanting to continue to play at 888 Poker, you continue to collect points as you play which are redeemable for merchandise from their store or even more cash into your account.

As well, 888 Poker offers a wide selection of promotions to make playing there even more fun and rewarding. You'll be collecting even more rewards with these promotions as 888 Poker throws in even more of their money to keep their players happy and the action there as exciting as they can make it.

So just click on our link to claim your free $8 just to give this fabulous poker site a try, and you certainly can't go wrong with free money!


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Many other games beyond poker have apperead on the Web, such as multi-player video games or blackjack. And we should expect to see new games rise too, games that do not exist today.