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Full Tilt Rush Poker

Rush Poker can only be played at Full Tilt Poker, as they are the poker room that invented it. And it is patent pending.

In a nutshell, Rush Poker is an accelerated form of online poker. There is practically no waiting time. Whenever you see hole cards that you want to fold, press the "quick fold" button and you will be moved instantly to another table, with new hole cards. If you do not like your new cards, press the quick fold button again, and you will be moved to another table once more. This way most of the time at the poker table is spent when you play the hand, not when you watch other players play the hand.

This is an interesting addition to the fast-paced world of online poker. You need to have a special strategy to play this form of poker, as the dynamics are different from a regular game. Full Tilt offers the rush poker format both for ring games and for tournaments.

If you decide to try rush poker, use full tilt referral code SEXY600 when you sign up and you get a 100% bonus up to $600.

rush poker only at Full Tilt

How does Rush Poker work

The rush poker games are easy to find from the Full Tilt Poker' lobby. Unlike a regular cash game, when playing Rush Poker you are included in a large pool including hundreds of players and you will confront a different table of opponents for each hand you play.

As players always change at the rush poker table, the big blind is posted either by the player who just joined the game or the player who has not posted the big blind for the longest time. The small blind is chosen randomly. All regular rules of a standard poker game apply. The main difference is that when you fold your hand, you will be moved to another table for your next hand, with mostly different opponents.

For faster play, you can press the "quick fold" button and you will be instantly moved to another table even if the action had not yet reached you (your hand will be folded for you when it is your turn at the initial table).

One amazing feature is that you can even seat more than once at a rush poker game. This is not an issue as there are hundreds of players in one game. This way you can multitable the same game as shown in the picture below with two tables. Obviously the software makes sure you are never sited twice in the same hand.

Full Tilt Rush Poker

The games available for rush poker are No-Limit Texas Holdem from $0.02/$0.05 to $1/$2, plus some pot-limit Omaha & Omaha H/L games as well from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1. Some regular NLHE tournaments are also offered in the rush format, from $5+$0.50 to $69+$6 buy in for the most part.

Rush Poker strategy

Rush poker requires a different strategy because your opponents change all the time. You need to play your cards and your position for the most part, and your opponents very little as you will have no reads and no history on them.

Thus the best strategy is ABC poker, tight aggressive, even tighter than you would normally play. You have almost no reads on your opponents, but they have no reads on you either, so you can play like a rock and no one will notice. If you fold fifteen hands in a row waiting for kings or aces and now reraise aggressively, who is there to say that you are not a loose maniac?

Note that the regulars will play tighter as well, while the fish will always be fish, playing too wide a range and remaining too long in hands. If you play a bit and start to recognize some players, they are regulars. Avoid playing them but consider all other players the same, tagged with a rather fishy style on average.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus

For more information about FT, read the Full Tilt Poker review.

Use the Full Tilt Poker Referral Code SEXY600 when registering in order to get a 100% match up bonus up to $600.

After downloading full tilt software and making your first deposit, your bonus will be released in $10 increments. The bonus converts each time you play in a real money hand at a cash game or when you pay the buy-in to play in a tournament (MTT or SNG).

Full Tilt's Phil Ivey Furthermore if you use referral code SEXY600 you will get access to a private Poker News freeroll.

This monthly freeroll offer a range of prizes. You will also receive special reload bonuses. Plus you can earn points that can be used to enter some tournament or buy seats at live events.

Poker News

Not so long ago online poker did not exist, but now this is one of the most popular games on the Internet. We are really living in a fast changing world.

Many other games beyond poker have apperead on the Web, such as multi-player video games or blackjack. And we should expect to see new games rise too, games that do not exist today.