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Patrik Antonius

Women love him, men want to be him. Such has been said of Patrik Antonius, and although not always true, his success in poker and his striking looks are undeniable. Born in Helsinki, Finland, December 13, 1980, Antonius has established himself as one of the most brazen poker players at any table.

Antonius has more than $2.8 million in career tournament winnings. He is regularly at the World Series of Poker, although he was one of the players turned away during the 2009 Main Event when the final day-1 of the tournament sold-out. He also frequents the European Poker Tour and other large tournaments around the world.

His real passion and poker success comes in cash games though. He is often featured on television shows like “High Stakes Poker” and "Poker After Dark". These shows bring together some of the best high-stakes cash game players in the world and are generally very entertaining to watch. Patrik has been involved in several of the largest pots ever recorded on television versus the likes of Sammy Farha and WSOP Main Event Champion Jamie Gold.

One of the most amazing things about Antonius is that he rarely shows any emotion or reaction. Even when involved in humongous pots, which don’t always go his way, he never looks flustered. The most you will get out of him is a sly smirk, and only that if someone makes a comment directly to him.

He does not just play on television either. It is said that Patrik Antonius may be the biggest winner ever online. Although it is difficult to confirm this because much of his online winnings come from playing pot limit Omaha before the game was tracked by any other sites. It is estimated that his winnings may be in excess of $10 million over several different sites.

Patrik is now a Full Tilt Pro and does not often, if at all, play on any other sites. His Full Tilt screen name is his real name, Patrik Antonius. He can often be seen playing pot limit Omaha or Hold’em, taking on any challengers at the nose-bleed stakes.

Antonius is never one to back down from a poker challenge or shy away from intense action. He was involved in the largest pot ever online, much to the delight of the rail-birds who witnessed the action first hand. It was while playing the infamous Isildur1, who burst onto the scene and challenged anyone and everyone who would play him to nosebleed stakes marathon games. The final pot, which Antonius won, totalled $1,356,946 while playing pot limit Omaha.

Another confident heads-up poker specialist, Tom Dwan, a.k.a. Durrrr, issued a challenge to anyone who would accept. Play 50,000 hands and if they can beat him by ending up at least $1, he’ll pay $1.5 million against their $500,000 on top of any winnings. It was a bold challenge and the first player to step up and accept was Patrik Antonius. The two have yet to finish the 50,000 hands and to date only one other player has accepted the challenge.

Patrik Antonius is one of the most well-respected high stakes players across the globe, especially when it comes to Omaha. Many consider him the best Omaha player in the world and there are few arguments against that. Of course as more young players study the game and play at the highest levels, his unofficial title may be challenged. Antonius, however, will surely just grin, slightly, and accept any challenges that come his way.

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Not so long ago online poker did not exist, but now this is one of the most popular games on the Internet. We are really living in a fast changing world.

Many other games beyond poker have apperead on the Web, such as multi-player video games or blackjack. And we should expect to see new games rise too, games that do not exist today.